T8 Fluorescent Tubes

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One of the primary lighting options for businesses across the nation, T8 bulbs (aka T8 lamps or fluorescent tubes) are a familiar and relatively low-cost lighting option. T8 lamps come in a wide variety of lengths, color temperatures (the "warmth" or "coolness" to their appearance), and CRI ratings, which tells you how well they render colors; especially popular are 32 watt T8s, commonly known as F32T8 bulbs. Because of the overall variety, and the fact that we carry lamps from many brands, we offer more than 100 T8 bulbs.


Although not as efficient as LED tube lighting, T8 fluorescent tubes are still quite efficient and typically have long rated lives. So while LED tubes will save you money from lower energy consumption, future lamp purchases, and maintenance, the low initial cost of T8 fluorescent bulbs makes them attractive, especially to businesses with fixtures and ballasts already in place for running them.

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