T12 Fluorescent Bulbs

T12 fluorescent light bulbs (or lamps / tubes) have been around since the dawn of commercial fluorescent lighting in 1938, and the almost universally used 48" 40W T12 lamp was introduced the following year. Although today's T5 and T8 lamps are more efficient (providing more light or "lumens" per watt of energy), many fixtures still house T12 bulbs, making it simplest when lamps burn out to replace them with new T12s.


That's why Lighting Supply continues to carry a wide selection of these well-known bulbs, with dozens to choose from including a choice of lengths, watts, color temperatures, brands, color rendering (CRI), and more. Plus we offer high output T12 lamps, bringing more light and longer lives to an established lamp format.

If you're ready to upgrade your T12 fluorescent tubes to newer technology, we also offer a selection of T12 LEDs.


With high 3rd party ratings, a commitment to professional, friendly service, and super fast shipping, we hope you'll look to Lighting Supply as your #1 choice for T12 lights and ballasts, as well as all your lighting supplies!