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T10 Fluorescent Tubes

Buy T10 fluorescent bulbs online in multiple wattages, lengths and color tones. The T10 lamp generates a greater lumen output than a standard T12 fluorescent lamp, while providing an improved color rendering index (CRI). You’ll even find T10 lamps that emulate daylight and natural sunshine. These natural light conditions can contribute to reduced eyestrain in office environments. They also support visually appealing colors.

The T10 linear fluorescent lamp will install into an existing T12 ballast. This means you get a fast and easy upgrade to a high performance T10 fluorescent bulb. Change one light or an entire system for cost and maintenance savings. The extra long lamp life of the T10 comes with an outstanding rating of up to 30,000 hours for lower labor costs, less re-lamping, and reduced waste. This tube is an ideal addition to the restaurant, hospitality venue, or retail site.