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Induction Ballasts

Sylvania Quicktronic Ice Induction Ballasts operate SYLVANIA ICETRON® electrodeless fluorescent lamps with maximum efficacy and full lumen output.

SYSTEM ICE provides the longest life available from a fluorescent system in the market today. ICETRON lamps can last up to 100,000 hours, greatly reducing maintenance costs and extending relamping cycles.

Quicktronic ICE is rated for operation in environments from –40ºC (–40ºF) up to 50ºC (122ºF). With this extensive thermal performance, SYSTEM ICE is suitable for a variety of applications traditionally addressed by HID systems.

Setting the standard for quality, SYSTEM ICE is also covered by our QUICK 60+® warranty, the first and most comprehensive system warranty in the industry.

The universal voltage feature of SYSTEM ICE allows operation from a line voltage of either 120 or 277V. QUICKTRONIC ICE utilizes aspecial wire/connector system required for inductively coupled systems. The inductively coupled lamp operation allows the coil to be removed from the lamp, eliminating one of the life limiting factors in the industry.