Short Neck PAR30 LED

Short Neck PAR30 LEDs

PAR lamps are typically used when you want to control lighting more precisely than you would with a BR shaped bulb. While their beam spread can vary from wide to narrow, they will give you a more distinct area of light, making these "accent lighting" bulbs.


PAR30 bulbs are PAR bulbs measuring just under 4 inches across, allowing them to fit into 4" recessed cans or, more likely, spotlight fixtures that may not fit a wider PAR38 bulb. With a short neck option, you can keep a PAR38 bulb inside shallower fixtures, so these are often used for track lighting.


A short neck PAR30 LED, then, provides you with the benefits of a short neck and the precision of a PAR30 lamp while also saving you money long-term with lower energy and replacement costs. This is because an LED bulb uses about 1/6 the energy of an incandescent, 1/5 the energy of a halogen, and even less energy than fluorescent lighting options. LEDs are instant-on, and most will dim on compatible dimmers.


As you can see, Lighting Supply offers a broad selection of short neck PAR30 LEDs, and we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or for help with placing your order. We ship same business day when you place your in-stock order by 5 p.m. EST.