Rough Service Bulbs

Rough Service Bulbs

Rough service bulbs are similar to traditional incandescent light bulbs but are made with better supported filaments to help them survive vibration and to generally last longer. As a specialty light bulb, they were exempted from legislation that phased traditional 40W to 100W A19 incandescent light bulbs out of production and importation in the USA. As a result, those who prefer incandescent bulbs over newer technologies like LEDs can opt for rough service bulbs -- and while they may cost a little more than standard incandescents, they may make up for this in terms of longevity.


Having said that, Lighting Supply offers exceptional pricing on select rough service bulbs, so you can potentially buy them at or below traditional incandescent pricing!


There's another difference between rough service light bulbs and standard incandescents: rough service bulbs are rated for running at 130V while standards are rated to run at 120V.


What does this mean for you? Mains voltage in the USA is nominally 120V, but this varies from home to home, and even within a home. When voltage is below what a light bulb is rated at, it will use a little less wattage and produce a little less light. When voltage is higher, it will run the bulb a little brighter for a little more wattage; this will also put more stress on the light bulb and can potentially shorten its life. So with a 130V rough service bulb, the bulb is build to withstand higher voltage better than standard bulbs. This also means, though, that it will typically run on a little less wattage and produce a little less light than it's rated for.


Therefore, if you require the same or greater light output from a rough service bulb when replacing a standard incandescent, you may choose to bump up a level of stated wattage. For instance, replace a 60W incandescent with a 75W rough service bulb. If you replace a 60W standard bulb with a 60W rough service bulb, you're likely to get a little less light while saving a little on your energy bill.


We hope this information helps you when choosing bulbs for your lighting needs!


Rough service incandescent bulbs contain a multi-support filament that is constructed to withstand vibration and shock. As a result, these rough service light bulbs last much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and were also not affected by the legislation that phased out other incandescent bulbs.

  • Medium brass base
  • Frost finish
  • Choose from different standard shapes
  • Excellent for drop lights

130V bulbs can be used as a replacement in 120V applications. Their light output is about 15% dimmer, but they have twice the burn life.