R20 bulbs are a smaller version of other reflector style bulbs that provide a room with general lighting. As with many bulb styles, R20s were traditionally incandescent bulbs and later came in CFL replacements. But today, LED technology provides the most efficient option.


Our R20 LED bulbs replace what were originally 50 watt to 65 watt incandescent bulbs with lamps that use just 6 to 10 watts, driving energy costs ways down. And despite their initial cost, the wattage difference quickly pays for the bulb if it's used often. R20 LEDs are also rated for 25,000 hours of useful life, which means you're likely to go years (if not decades) before replacing them.


Unlike CFLs, R20 LEDs contain no mercury and are "instant on," providing their full brightness right away. The also dim effectively on most dimmers, though you should always check for dimmer compatibility with LEDs you're considering.


If you're in the market for R20 LED bulbs, check out our supply of top brands with both color temperature and wattage options. When you place an in-stock order with Lighting Supply on business days, we'll ship the same day!