PAR38 LED Light Bulbs | LED Flood Light Bulbs

PAR38 LEDs are ideal for larger recessed cans (5 to 6 inches) when you want more precise recessed lighting than a BR bulb offers. While a BR shape provides diffuse light for general lighting, PAR38 bulbs offer a sharper light in the range of their beam angle, making them excellent for accent lighting, whether to highlight a sitting area, a product area, or anything else you want featured.

Many PAR bulbs are also sealed for wet locations, and are popularly used as floodlight bulbs in outdoor settings. You can find our wet location rated PAR38 LEDs here. These make excellent LED flood light bulbs.


By choosing LED bulbs, you can save a lot of money vs. technologies like halogen and CFL. LEDs use fewer watts to save you money on energy, but they also last so much longer that your total bulb cost and maintenance costs over time will be less.

LEDs also provide quality color rendering (based on the Color Rendering Index, or CRI). Most are rated in the 80s on a scale of 100, but you can also find our high CRI PAR38 LEDs here. Most LEDs will also dim, though you'll want to read a bulb's specs before buying it if you need dimming capabilities.

Our goal is to provide you with the best PAR38 LED option by staying competitive with price while offering brands you can rely on, customer service that's here with answers, and customer policies designed to give you a positive lighting experience.