PAR30 LED Light Bulbs

PAR30 LEDs are an ideal option for recessed lighting (aka "recessed cans or canisters") when your goal is to control beam spread to more carefully highlight a specific area. This is known as accent lighting. This area can be small or large depending on the beam spread of the bulb, but a PAR bulb is more precise in its lighting than BR bulbs, which offer a more diffuse glow.

PAR30 bulbs fit into smaller cans than their big brother, the PAR38. A PAR30 bulb is just under 4 inches across, so it will fit a 4" can with very little space to the sides. They can also be used in larger cans if you want some space left around the bulb. (If you don't want space left around the bulbs in larger cans, then it's time to move from a PAR30 LED up to a PAR38 LED.)

PAR30 LEDs (and other sized of PAR bulbs) are also popularly used as outdoor spotlights at homes and businesses alike. You can learn more from our PAR LEDs article.

While PAR30 bulbs offer several different lighting technologies -- including halogen, CFL, and HID -- consumers are moving increasingly toward PAR30 LEDs because of their quality color rendering, their low energy use, and their exceptionally long life span. While they cost more than some other options, the fact is that PAR30 LEDs are expected to save most businesses a substantial amount of money compared to lamps with other technologies due to energy savings, lamp savings (you might need 10 or more halogen bulbs before one LED fails), and relamping savings (lower maintenance costs).

Unlike other recessed lighting options, PAR30 bulbs also come in both long neck and short neck options, which gives you flexibility in terms of how far you want the bulb itself extending inside the recessed canister. Most often, however, long necks are chosen for recessed cans while short necks are used in certain track lighting fixtures.

We work hard to bring you the best value in PAR30 LEDs. We do this by carrying quality brands whose color quality and longevity are expected to often exceed those of unknown brands. And we seek to combine this selection with top customer service, competitive pricing, and customer friendly policies. We hope you'll love the value we offer!