PAR20 LED Light Bulbs

Like all PAR shaped lamps, a PAR20 bulb gives you focused light within its stated beam spread, in contrast with more diffuse light from R and BR reflector lamps. This means a PAR20 is ideal for accent lighting, drawing attention to a certain area or item. This makes a PAR20 shape perfect for a number of residential and commercial applications, and these bulbs are often used in retail settings to feature products. For details, visit our PAR LEDs article.

Choosing a PAR20 LED rather than a halogen option means saving energy and enjoying a much longer bulb life, saving you money on your electric bill as well as on maintenance and on total bulb costs over time. LEDs also provide good color rendering and provide instant-on light without any mercury content.

Lighting Supply offers you a range of PAR20 LED light bulb options, including our popular Philips PAR20 LEDs and TCP PAR20 LEDs. We're also proud to extend top customer service and friendly policies to give you an ideal light buying experience. Please give us a call if you have questions, and see how quickly we ship any in-stock orders.