MR16 LED Light Bulbs | MR16 LEDs

Originally used in slide projectors, MR16 light bulbs have become a popular lighting option in both residential and commercial applications, especially in retail settings. This is because of their easy fit into track lighting and even desk lighting, and their ability to provide accent lighting with precise, directional lighting.

The "MR" in an MR16 stands for "Multifaceted Reflector," and the 16 refers to a width of 16/8", or 2 inches. MR16 lamps normally have a bipin base, meaning that they're either pushed / plugged into a fixture or twisted and locked into place.

Choosing an LED MR16 means choosing to save money long term. LED technology lets the MR16 run far more efficiently than a halogen option, and is rated to last years longer, reducing costs of both maintenance and replacement bulbs. LED also uses no mercury, gives you instant-on lighting, and usually dims. (Check the specifications of a bulb before purchasing if you will need dimming capabilities.) Most of our MR16 LEDs are dimmable.


As with many LED reflectors, our MR16 LEDs come in a variety of color temperatures and beam spreads, and they're rated to last 25,000 hours and beyond. And we carry several brands, including Philips MR16 LEDs and TCP MR16 LEDs.

So when you're looking for a smaller lamp to accent certain areas or objects, consider an MR16 LED. And when you're looking for great service and customer-friendly policies, look to Lighting Supply for your MR16 needs.