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Commonly used in large areas due to their ability to produce many lumens per watt, mercury vapor bulbs are an older lighting technology that still offers a good lighting value. The lamps themselves are inexpensive and efficient light producers; and while they don't render colors as well as metal halide bulbs, a coated mercury vapor bulb may have a CRI rating of around 40 to 50 -- far better than low-pressure sodium bulbs, and better than uncoated high-pressure sodium bulbs.

Mercury vapor bulbs (and other HID bulbs) are normally seen in places like gyms or warehouses that have high ceilings, or in outdoor locations like parks or stadiums. They have a warm-up period of about 5 minutes during which they gradually achieve their full light output. After being shut off, they have a restrike period of about 10 minutes, during which they cannot be turned back on.

In most cases, mercury vapor bulbs are only used as replacements for older MV bulbs that have gone out. Upgrading them to metal halide (or even a coated high pressure sodium bulb) usually involves replacing both the lamp and ballast, making it simpler to stick with the mercury vapor option.

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