LED Wallpacks

LED Wallpacks

LED wallpacks are just what they sound like: LED light fixtures typically installed on a wall, often to help light places like delivery bays, outdoor walkways, parking areas near a building, or even as barn lights.


Like any LED lighting option, they can come in different colors temperatures. And wallpacks offer a variety of lighting beams so you can control the lighting as needed. For instance, in some areas a full cutoff can keep the light narrowly focused to avoid sending light toward someone else's home or business. Larger areas requiring light may call for only a partial cutoff.


Since LED wallpacks are typically used outdoors, it makes sense that most are wet rated, and that some come with "dusk to dawn" light sensors so the lights will automatically turn on for the night. And when you use this kind of technology, which will keep lights on for 10 or more hours per day on average, it's nice to know that LEDs are rated to last up to 30 years even under that kind of usage. (Many come with 100,000 hour rated lives.)


You can learn more about LED wallpacks in our article on Outdoor LED Lighting.


We carry several top brands of LED wallpacks, including RAB, Stonco, Simkar, Lumecon, and more. And as always, when you order in-stock items from Lighting Supply by 5 p.m. EST, they will ship on the same business day.