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LED Wall Mount Fixtures

LED Wall Pack Lighting

LED wall packs provide the efficiency, longevity, and financial savings of LED technology anywhere you need light mounted to a wall. This can include the outside of a building overseeing a walkway or parking area, delivery bays, barn lights, and more.


Our LED wall pack lighting comes from several top brands along with our own, quality-built Standard brand at exceptional savings. And these wall packs come with a variety of options, like high CRI; color temperature options; lumen output; photocells; and more. They also come with or without cutoff (which helps to prevent light pollution), with both full and partial cutoff designs.


Our LED wall packs are rated to up to 100,000 hours of life, so even when they're on all night, you can expect them to last for years and years. Between this and the energy savings, these really are a smart financial choice as an upgrade to other types of wall pack lighting.


You can learn more about LED wall packs in our article on Outdoor LED Lighting.


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