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T8 lamps or bulbs are one of the most widely used forms of lighting in businesses across America. And as we make a transition toward more efficient LED technology, businesses have a decision to make when it comes time to replace older T8 fluorescent tubes. Do you stick with the lower initial cost of fluorescent tubes, or get the advantages of LED lights and make the switch to T8 LED bulbs?


When you decide to replace T8 lamps with newer LED T8 lamps, you have two primary options:


1) Choose a direct retrofit, which means simply replacing the fluorescent light with the LED light. These LEDs run off electronic ballasts, so there's no need to remove the ballasts already running the lighting system, as long as they are compatible with the LEDs. (Make sure to check what ballasts work with the T8 LEDs you're buying.)


2) Choose a T8 LED with an integrated driver, meaning that the driver is inside the lamp itself. Since the driver does the same work as a ballast, these LEDs cannot run off a ballast, so you need to disconnect and remove any ballasts connected to the lighting fixture before placing the new LED lamps.

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