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LED S14 Sign Bulbs

Environmentally friendly S14 LED sign lamps (for lighted signs and marquees) offer substantial energy savings compared to S14 incandescent bulbs, using just 2 watts rather than 11 or 15. With the look and feel of incandescents, they also have nearly 20 times the expected life!

  • • Save $50+ vs 11W incandescent over life of bulb.
  • • 50,000 hour expected life reduces labor / maintenance.
  • • LEDs emit minimal heat and are 100% mercury free.
  • • Shock/vibration proof. Outdoor and wet location rated.
  • • Flashing / chasing capable.

These bulbs are available in a variety of colors making them ideal indoors and out for restaurants, bars, casinos, theatres, marquees, scoreboards, displays, stage lighting, festival lighting, shopping malls, amusement parks and attractions.