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LED Exit Signs

LED Exit Signs

Lighting Supply brings you a wide selection of LED exit signs, which have become the new exit sign standard due to their longevity and low energy usage. This lower energy consumption not only means that you save money every day (when compared to incandescent exit signs), it also means that LED exit signs with backup battery power can last far longer than an incandescent option.

Available as 120/277V fixtures, look for features like test switches and battery backups along with a number of color options.

We also offer a number of emergency lighting products so when the electricity goes out, people will still be able to safely see their way around your office or building and, if needed, safely make their way toward an exit. In some of our products, these emergency lights are built into our LED exit signs, giving you an all-in-one unit.

If you already have exit signs installed, but they use incandescent light bulbs, consider replacing them with LED bulbs next time around using our LED exit sign conversion kits. Like our LED exit signs, these will substantially lower your exit sign energy usage.