LED Exit Sign Conversion Kits

Exit Sign LED Bulbs / Conversion Kits

While Lighting Supply carries a wide assortment of LED exit signs, we know that there are still countless exit signs using incandescent bulbs. These signs can still enjoy the energy-saving and labor-saving benefits of LED lighting by replacing the incandescent bulbs with LED exit sign bulbs.

A typical incandescent exit sign bulb uses around 15 watts of energy, and the typical sign operates two of these bulbs at a time. Left on 24 hours a day, these chew through more than 260 kWh of energy and around $40 in electricity each year.

Compare that to LED exit sign bulbs, which use closer to 1 watt each, totaling 2 watts per exit sign and costing under $3/year to operate. This means that, not counting the labor savings and constant cost of buying incandescent bulbs, exit sign LED bulbs should pay for themselves in a matter of just a few months. After that, their ongoing savings mean money kept in your pocket.

So when you're ready to replace bulbs in your older exit sign, we encourage you to consider LED bulbs.