LED Edison Bulbs

LED Edison Bulbs

Edison bulbs are one of today's popular lighting options for restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. They are replicas of the earliest light bulbs and provide a warm, vintage look with winding, glowing filaments.


While these bulbs create a cozy environment, traditional incandescent Edison bulbs face the same challenges as other incandescent bulbs: they are inefficient and they have relatively short lives. This is why LED Edison bulbs are beginning to replace them in many settings.


Now incandescent Edison bulbs may or may not do much damage to an energy bill, depending on how they're used in lighting design. These bulbs are not bright like other light bulbs, so they're often used only for ambiance; in this case, there may not be many used, and they might not spike energy costs. On the other hand, some businesses use them extensively, and their low light output and high wattage can lead to a hefty energy bill.


In this case, LED Edison bulbs can make a big difference. A 5-watt LED Edison, for instant, may replace a 40-watt incandescent Edison. And for restaurants that burn these all day long, the LED option could save them a nickle or more per bulb per day in energy. So in spite of their extra couple bucks in initial cost, the LED bulbs should pay for themselves in just a few months. Then they become a real, ongoing savings for the business. Not to mention they won't need to be purchased and replaced every few months like incandescent bulbs!


We should point out, though, that LED Edison bulbs haven't quite matched the true warmth of the incandescent version at this time. For bulbs at table level, this may make a difference in atmosphere. For those at ceiling level, or hanging higher up in pendants (for instance), the LED conversion could make a ton of sense. On that note, though, we carry TCP LED Edison bulbs because we've found that they do the best job of providing the warmth of the traditional bulb. (Link is our video comparing TCPs to a generic brand.) We think this provides you with the best balance of look, value, and convenience.


Edison-style LED bulbs combine a traditional and elegant exposed filament look with the cost savings of LED technology. (Find our incandescent Edison bulbs here.)

But buyer beware: generic imports often fail to provide the warm look of incandescent Edison bulbs. So while you might save a dollar buying them, you may be disappointed with the look of your Edison bulb lighting.

Don't be disappointed: Check out our video here and see how you'll benefit choosing TCP bulbs at our very competitive prices!