LED Downlights

LED Downlights for Recessed Lighting Cans

No need to compromise on output or aesthetics. When you want to upgrade incandescent, halogen, or CFL bulbs with LEDs in recessed cans, these LED downlights are a beautiful and functional choice!

As a background to the topic, you can always choose BR30, BR40, or PAR LED bulbs for your recessed cans, depending on your needs. BR bulbs work well for general lighting; a BR30 is useful for 4 or 5" cans, or for leaving more space around the bulb in a 6" can; a BR40 works well for creating a tighter look (less space) in a 6" can. PAR bulbs provide more focused light if you're trying to highlight a more particular area.

An LED downlight, however, provides a different option for general lighting, fully covering the recessed canister and providing a flush look with your ceiling. This provides a modern look and removes the distraction of space around bulbs. If you've ever noticed bulbs hanging a little crookedly in a can (due to the mounting of the socket), this is eliminated as well.

Since these downlights are designed for retrofitting a lighting can that's already in place, they're easy for anyone to install. The screw-in base fits into the socket just like any bulb does. You then simply use the spring clamps to lock the fixture into place. Just like that, your LED downlight can transform the look of a room and is ready to provide quality lighting for years to come!