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LED C9 Stringer Bulbs

LED C9 Replacement Bulbs at Low Prices

Enjoy low cost and lengthy service with intermediate base LED C9 replacement bulbs. They provide extremely long life without sacrificing the desirable effects of incandescent bulbs. On average, they’re rated to last up to 100,000 hours! These lamps also share a higher level of comfort because heat emissions are minimal when compared to traditional bulbs. Less heat translates into lower cooling costs within retail and commercial settings. LED lamp benefits include mercury free designs and reduced maintenance costs. Since these intelligent bulbs produce no ultraviolet light, you gain peace of mind concerning product color fade. Our bulbs are designed for a precise fit into a C9 socket. When it’s time for the incandescent C9 to step aside, step up to the efficiency of an LED C9 replacement bulb. Contact us for bulk pricing on superior quality LED C9s today.