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LED Bipin

LED Bipins

Bipin lamps come with a 2-pin base rather than a "screw in" base. Depending on the base and fixture, these pins can be pushed into place or twisted and locked.

In the past, most bipin lamps were incandescent or halogen bulbs, but today these are being replaced by LED bipins, and we have a selection of LED bipins to meet your needs.

The distance between the pins on a bipin lamp is measured in millimeters
and noted in the name of the bulb. For instance, a G4 lamp has 4 millimeters between the two pins. When replacing an older bipin bulb with an LED bipin, make sure to check the base size and make sure the pin style is the same. In small bipin lamps, there are straight and looped pins. Finally, make sure to select a bulb to fit your voltage needs.

Keep in mind that an LED bipin runs at a much lower wattage than an incandescent or halogen bulb, and it will be rated to last far longer -- often for years. So LED bipins will typically save you money over time while causing less frustration from bulbs going out.

Have questions about buying bipin LEDs? Give us a call and let us help!