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Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights from LightingSupply.com – Great Selection!

Lighting Supply offers a great selection of Halloween lights perfect for decorating homes and businesses. Halloween lights are also ideal for parties and events. Choose from orange light bulbs, blacklight bulbs, blacklight tubes, orange light strings, purple light strings and white light strings.

Popular Halloween Lights

Halloween String Lights

Orange Halloween Light Strings:
Orange light strings look amazing on trees and bushes or outlining architecture on homes and businesses. Orange Halloween lights are also perfect for setting the mood for Halloween parties and events. These commercial standard LED stringers use only 4.8 Watts, which is a 90% energy savings compared to traditional string lights. These Halloween lights are 25’ long and have green wire, which blends into your greenery making the lights truly pop. Purple and white Halloween light strings are also available.
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Orange Halloween Light Bulbs – LED:
Orange LED Halloween bulbs are ideal in general lamps, downlights or outdoor fixtures to set the scene for Halloween. Halloween lights use significantly less energy than incandescent light bulbs and offer the same light output.
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Halloween Blacklight Tubes:
Looking for blacklights for Halloween? Blacklight blue bulbs purposely block almost all visible light from leaving the bulb, so you're left with only a dim purple (or violet) glow coming from the bulb. Blacklight blue bulbs are often used in night clubs or at parties especially during Halloween.
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Halloween Blacklight Light Bulb – LED:
Halloween blacklight bulbs give the perfect effect for Halloween parties and events. Feit Electric offers an LED blacklight bulb that provides a huge energy savings over an equivalent incandescent bulb. This Halloween light features instant on to full brightness even in subzero temperatures. This light bulb has an average life of 20,000 hours and is 100% mercury free. It is the perfect Halloween light for parties, Halloween events, Halloween office decorating and much more.
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Halloween Lights Orange Halloween Flame Tip Chandelier Light Bulbs:
These orange Halloween lights by Sunlite provide the perfect ambiance for Halloween parties, events and general decor. A flame is visible through the clear light bulb, which flickers giving the effect of a candle burning.
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Outdoor Event Halloween String Lights:
Set the scene for your outdoor Halloween party with this translucent black Halloween light string. This 48’ light string comes with 15 sockets and uses 2 watt LED S14 clear black bulbs with a medium E26 base. They are absolutely perfect for Halloween party lighting for patios, gazebos, porches, restaurants/bars and more!
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Looking for traditional technology Halloween lights?
Lighting Supply offers orange incandescent light bulbs and black incandescent light bulbs. These Halloween lights come in various shapes like standard A19, C7 and C9 for light stringer replacements, along with R20, S11, S14 and T10. These Halloween lights also come with a wide range of base options, including medium and candelabra.
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