Fluorescent Ballasts

Fluorescent Ballasts | Fluorescent Lighting Ballasts

Lighting ballasts are needed to run many types of lamps, including fluorescent lamps. They safely start and run them, protecting them from electrical surges that would shorten their lives. Ballasts must be correctly matched with the lamp you're running, so it's important to work with a professional who knows how to match lamps and ballasts, or follow the information provided with a ballast. You can learn more about ballasts in our thorough introductory article. You can also call our friendly professionals at Lighting Supply when you need to choose and order the right ballast for your application.

We carry many fluorescent ballasts for indoor and outdoor applications. And whether you're looking for magnetic or electronic fluorescent ballasts, our collection featuring top brands should cover all your needs. Some of the largest brands are Advance, Universal, and Fulham. But look under our brand filter to see just how many we carry!

Plus, rest assured that Lighting Supply is one of the pricing leaders in fluorescent ballasts. Besides this, we continue receiving top ratings for customer care, and in-stock orders are shipped on the same business day. We hope you'll look to us for all your ballast and lighting needs!


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