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F32T8/741 Bulbs

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F32T8/741 Bulbs

Fluorescent lamps have long been a mainstay in business lighting, and probably still will be for some years to come during a transition to LED replacement lighting. Chief among fluorescent lighting options today are T8 and T5 bulbs -- T8s (1" diameter) largely for general lighting and T5s (5/8" diameter) largely for high bay lighting.

In the T8 family, the most commonly used bulbs, or lamps, are known as "F32," or 32 watt fluorescents, and these come in a range of color temperatures (warmth or coolness of the bulb appearance) and CRI ratings. The CRI scale refers to how well a lamp renders colors, and today's fluorescents bulbs score anywhere from the 70s into the 90s on a scale of 100.

You'll see all this shown in the part number of these lamps. For instance, one of the most popular options are those shown above on this page: F32T8/741. This means they are 32 watt fluorescent tubes with a 1" diameter, and they have a CRI rating in the 70s (shown by the 7) and a color temperature of 4100K.

For a different color temperature, you could look for a different number following the 7. For improved coloring rendering, you could look for an 8 or 9 in place of the 7. You can see all of our F32T8 lamps here.