Exterior Floodlights

Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures


When it comes to outdoor lighting, flood light fixtures can be mounted atop poles for parking lot lighting; on wall brackets to light the sides of buildings; or even on ground spikes for landscape lighting. Lighting Supply offers dozens of outdoor flood light fixtures to meet your needs, including metal halide, CFL, and halogen fixtures, and on into our wide selection of outdoor LED flood light fixtures. Among our LED fixtures, we provide a tremendous value in our "Standard" brand, made with quality components for LED lights you can trust ... on a budget.


Not to be confused with outdoor flood light bulbs, these flood light fixtures use bulbs inside them so that the bulbs can be replaced if necessary. In the case of LED fixtures, of course, the LEDs are built into the fixture and are rated to last for many, many years.

Make sure to use our left-hand column to sort by brand, brightness, and light quality, as well as features like photocells. We think you'll be able to find exactly the floodlight you need for your situation. Questions about the right outdoor floodlight? Please give us a call.