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Electronic Fulham WorkHorse Ballasts

Fulham WorkHorse ballasts are solid state electronic ballasts. They're durable and energy efficient. 10 ballasts are able to operate 132 lamps in 860 combinations, making them the most versatile ballasts on the market. Great to have on hand for any replacement situation!

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Fulham WorkHorse Ballasts

Once upon a time, ballasts were designed to run one particular specification of lamp. Fulham changed this with its WorkHorse ballast series, where each ballast in the line is able to run many lamp specifications. While not quite as efficient as other ballasts, they offer extraordinary versitility, allowing electrical contractors (for instance) to address almost any ballast needs by keeping just 10 WorkHorse ballast models on hand. This eliminates extra trips or extra ordering of products.


Since then, other manufacturers have followed suit to a degree, somewhat expanding on what a particular ballast can run. But the Fulham WorkHorse series remains a leader in this space, allowing just 10 ballast models to run 132 lamps in 860 configurations.


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