CFL Bulbs

CFL Bulbs | Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Compact fluorescent or CFL bulbs bring the efficiency of fluorescent lighting to common household and office lighting situations. Similar in size to traditional A19 bulbs, CFLs often have the medium (E26) base of an A19 as well, making them an easy retrofit in common lighting sockets. Alternately, some CFLs have plug-in bases or twist and lock bases like the popular GU24 base for other applications. You can sort our CFL bulbs in our left-hand column by base type when needed.


CFLs are commonly known for their spiral design, but they're also built into other lamp shapes like twin-tube, triple-tube, and quad tube CFLs; circline CFLs; PAR38 CFLs; and more.


CFL bulbs do have some limitations. For instance, they're designed for locations where they won't be turned on and off frequently, as this reduces their expected life. They don't work as well in the cold, and they don't reach full brightness right away. Some people are also concerned with their mercury content, although they contain very little mercury. Still, if you do have a CFL bulb break, the EPA does recommend these precautions.


For these reasons, some people are choosing to upgrade their light bulbs to LED technology. You can read more about LED vs CFL here. However, CFLs remain competitively priced, they're more efficient than incandescent and halogen bulbs, and they provide for certain applications that LEDs do not yet.


On a final note, all fluorescent lights require ballasts to operate correctly. Household CFLs have these ballasts built in so you don't need to worry about this detail, but many other compact fluorescent lamps do not, which is why we also carry CFL ballasts.


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