CFL Ballasts

Compact Fluorescent Ballasts

Compact fluorescent ballasts are used to manage the starting and running power sent to CFL lamps. As with other ballasts, you have several choices, including:

* Magnetic CFL ballasts, which are an older technology. These are not as efficient, but they run well in cold weather.

* Electronic CFL ballasts, which are the current technology. These are more efficient and help to prevent flicker and hum of fluorescent lights.

There are also two primary start technologies offered by CFL ballasts:

* Rapid start ballasts require a little more time to produce full light, but they are safe to use with occupancy sensors or anywhere the light is likely to be turned on and off frequently.

* Instart start ballasts provide instant light and run their CFL lamps more efficiently, but shouldn't be used with occupancy sensors on in frequently on / off locations.

You can learn more about ballasts overall from our article, Your Complete Introduction to Lighting Ballasts.

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