It's important to pick the right color temperature for your setting, based on the Color Temperature Scale. Color temperature describes the "whiteness" of a light source, and is measured in Kelvin (K). A higher Kelvin temperature is a bluer, cooler light while a lower Kelvin temperature is warmer, with a yellow/red appearance. Warm color tones are perfect for comfortable settings, while cooler tones are ideal for professional environments.

Use chart below to learn more about the influence of color temperature in your application.

Find the right color temperature for you:


Warm, Cozy, Open

Office Warm

Environment: restaurants, hotel lobbies, boutiques, homes.


Friendly, Intimate, Personal, Exclusive

Office White

Environment: libraries, office areas, retail stores.


Friendly, Inviting, Non-threatening

Office Neutral

Environment: public reception areas, showrooms, bookstores, office areas.


Neat, Clean, Efficient

Office Cool

Environment: office areas, conference rooms, classrooms, hospitals, mass merchandisers.


Bright, Alert, Exacting Coloration

Office Daylight

Environment: galleries, museums, jewelry stores, medical exam areas, printing companies.