Christmas Lights at – Festive Selection!

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights from – Festive Selection!

Lighting Supply offers a vast selection of Christmas lights perfect for decorating your home or business. Christmas lights are also ideal for parties and events. Choose from red and green light bulbs, multi-color light strings, red light strings, green light strings, replacement colored light bulbs and more.

LED Light Strings

Christmas Lights – Outdoor LED Light Strings:
Christmas light strings look magical wrapped around trees and bushes or outlining architecture on homes and landscaping. LED Christmas light strings can save up to 90% in energy costs as compared to incandescent light strings. These long-lasting, durable Christmas light strings are great for indoor and outdoor use. Mini string lights have become the most popular due to their versatility. However, if you are looking for a more traditional look, try LED C7 light strings in white, green, red or even multi-color! Looking for something quick and easy? Christmas Net Light Strings look amazing in your outdoor light display draped over your bushes and hedges.
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Christmas Lights – Outdoor Timers:
Don’t let Santa miss your house on Christmas Eve because you forgot to turn your outdoor Christmas lights on! Use outdoor programmable timers to make sure your display is always lit in the evenings. Whether they are set for certain hours or come on automatically when the sun sets, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor Christmas light timer.
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LED Replacement Light Bulbs

Christmas Lights – LED Replacement Light Bulbs:
Have a bulb out in your Christmas light string and need a replacement? Lighting Supply has a huge selection of LED C7 and C9 Christmas lights to revive your light strings. Using less than 1W per bulb, they’re not only perfect for replacement bulbs for your Christmas light strings, but also for use in chandeliers, porch lights and much more!
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Christmas Lights – Red and Green Fluorescent Tube Guards:
Do you have a commercial space you are trying to transform into a Christmas Wonderland? These 4’ and 8’ red and green tube guards can help you do just that! Simply insert your T8 or T12 fluorescent bulbs into these tube guards and your space will instantly look more festive.
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Event & Indoor String Lights

Christmas Event & Indoor String Lights:
Create a sense of wonder at your Christmas events and parties with these red, green and multi-color Christmas light strings. Make your stockings really pop by adding lights to your fireplace mantle or string them through your Christmas tree. These light strings are also ideal for patios, porches, restaurants/bars or at the office!
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Looking for incandescent Christmas Lights?
Lighting Supply offers a wide variety of red and green incandescent light bulbs. These Christmas lights come in various shapes, such as A19, BR30, R20, S11 and S14. These Christmas lights also come in a wide range of base types, including medium and candelabra.
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