Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent Bulbs

Our visually appealing incandescent bulbs come in a wide range of sizes, wattages, and voltages. We have low voltage and line voltage options for commercial and residential use. Our quality incandescent replacement lamps work well on alternating or direct current and are compatible with control devices such as dimmers, timers and photo sensors.


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Prefer to Upgrade from Incandescent Bulbs?

While versatile in their applications, incandescent lamps are the least efficient lighting technology on the market. They also have the shortest rated average life. Although incandescent bulbs will still be available for a few more years our goal is to help customers convert to practical, energy-saving, long-life lighting options. Use our easy energy savings calculator to compare incandescent vs. CFL and incandescent vs. LED to see how much you could save by switching. Need help finding the perfect incandescent replacement or want to learn more about the incandescent phase out? Contact one of our friendly LS-1 certified lighting experts today. We’re here to help with all of your lighting needs and provide you with incandescent light bulb facts.


Our impressive range of incandescent light bulbs spans more than a century of research and development. Widely used in a variety of applications such as household, commercial, decorative and portable lighting; incandescent bulbs have an impressive CRI of 98-100 and produce a warm, steady light that compliments skin tones and makes merchandise stand out. Incandescent lamps are very popular due to their low purchase price and number of applications they can be used in.

Although they are the least expensive option, they’re also the least efficient light source available only converting around 5% of energy they use into visible light.

As a result, the government is phasing out incandescent lamps with an emphasis on newer, energy-efficient technology. During this transition, Lighting Supply will continue to offer incandescent bulbs that comply with federal energy regulations as well as those that are no longer being manufactured, so long as they remain in stock.