Light Bulbs

Also known as lamps in the industry, light bulbs come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, and color temperatures for an array of fixtures requiring different bases and so much more. The important thing is ... Lighting Supply has just about any kind of lamp or light bulb you could need. We stock thousands of bulbs, including incandescent and halogen bulbs; standard, ubend, and compact fluorescent bulbs; HID bulbs (including sodium and metal halide lamps); and the latest technology with LED bulbs.

We pride ourselves not only on offering competitive prices on our light bulbs -- in some cases the lowest prices you can find -- but also on leading edge service, which we know is critical to lighting professionals. We're here to get you the bulbs you ordered without substituting something else and with overall friendly policies. We also ship in-stock items same business day.

So whether you're using identical bulbs to replace those that have burned out or you're upgrading to something more efficient or perhaps with a higher CRI, we're ready to get your light bulbs to you quickly and in good shape, and we're ready to stand by you when you need a hand.