BR40 LED Light Bulbs

BR40 LEDs are an ideal recessed lighting option for larger (6 inch) cans when your goal is general lighting rather than accent lighting.This is because the bulge shape of a BR40 provides a more diffuse light than the sharp beams of a PAR shaped lamp. And the lamp itself is 5 inches across, leaving you with not too much space between the bulb and the can. So if you want to provide recessed lighting for an entire room rather than one area, BR40 bulbs are a good choice.

(If you're looking for the same kind of general lighting but are using smaller cans -- 4 to 5 inches -- you may want to consider BR30 LEDs, which are just under 4 inches wide.)

Besides the BR40 shape providing great general lighting from larger recessed cans, choosing LED bulbs means choosing to save money over time while still enjoying the benefits of quality color rendering and instant on lighting. Most LEDs also dim (check the bulb specifications for details), and they typically last for many, many years. So besides just saving you money on energy, they're likely to save you money in total bulb and maintenance costs as well. This makes LED a truly smart choice for businesses that think long term!

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