BR30 LED Light Bulbs

BR30 LEDs are one of today's most popular recessed lighting options. Because of their "bulged reflector" approach to lighting, they offer a diffuse general lighting rather than the sharper accent lighting of PAR LEDs.
BR30 LEDs are just under 4 inches wide, making them a great choice for 4" recessed cans if you want very little space between the bulb and the recessed fixture. BR30 LEDs can also be used in 5 to 6 inch cans if you want a little space between the bulb and can.
While BR30 shaped bulbs are available in a variety of lighting technologies, LEDs will save you money over time through energy savings as well as total bulb and maintenance costs. Many BR30 LEDs are rated to last more than 20 years with about 3 hours of lighting per day.

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