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Blacklight Tubes

Blacklight Bulbs  |  Blacklight Tubes

As we explain in our article, "Blacklight Bulbs vs Blacklight Blue Bulbs," we often think of as "blacklights" as those bulbs used to make certain objects glow at Halloween. But in the lighting industry, these are called "blacklight blue" bulbs (or lamps).

On this page, you'll find true blacklight bulbs (in the shape of tubes, including u-bend tubes), which in fact provide a bluer light than blacklight blue lamps. Strange, we know. Many people know what blacklights look like from their use in bug zappers, though they're used in a variety of ways by industry. Common applications include photosensitization and photochemical reaction applications, testing, inspections, and examinations.

We offer blacklight tubes in a variety of lengths and wattages to meet your needs. And in-stock orders ship same business day.