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What is a lighting ballast? Lighting ballasts are devices needed by a range of lighting technologies, including HID lamps and fluorescent lamps. These ballasts help to safely start and operate a lamp, providing it with the correct voltage for startup and the right energy flow to run the lamp. The two most common types are magnetic and electronic ballasts, and they come in several start technologies to suit different purposes.

To learn more about the basics of lighting ballasts, or what you need to know about ballasts, read our Complete Introduction to Lighting Ballasts.

Need to replace a ballast? We have light ballasts for all of your lighting needs, along with the service to help you find the right ballast and competitive pricing to help you stay on budget. We also have brief written DIY instructions here on How to Replace a Fluorescent Ballast.

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Our range of lighting ballasts includes product from top manufacturers like Universal, Philips Advance, Fulham, Robertson, Vossloh-Schwabe, and others. We have:

Magnetic and electronic fluorescent ballasts
* Compact fluorescent ballasts
* Magnetic and electronic sign ballasts
* Electronic metal halide ballast
* High pressure sodium core and coil ballasts
* Emergency batteries

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