Edison bulbs (replicas of historic carbon filament bulbs) continue to grow in popularity, even after the effective ban of many incandescent bulbs. Although they're not very useful for general lighting, they offer a special vintage look that appeals to many people and are widely used as decorative bulbs to create a warm and comforting ambiance.

From 2012 to 2014, many incandescent bulbs were phased out of production and importation in the U.S. because they're highly inefficient compared to other light bulb options. This means they produce relatively little light for each watt of energy used. This is because incandescent bulbs basically work by heating up a wire until it "incandesces," or glows. As a result, much of the energy is used to produce heat, which is why the bulbs are so hot.

Regulations that phased out these bulbs made exceptions for certain types of incandescent bulbs, including rough service bulbs and decorative bulbs. Because of this, Edison bulbs can still be made, imported, and purchased in the U.S.

Today's Edison bulbs are historic replicas or reproductions of bulbs developed by Thomas Edison. They produce fewer lumens (less light) per watt than modern incandescent bulbs and have an extremely warm or yellow color temperature, which may be why they feel so inviting. Most of today's Edison bulbs use a tungsten filament to replicate the original carbon filament glow, though some of the bulbs still have the more expensive carbon filament. Expect to pay more, though, for true carbon filaments!

Because of the historic or retro look of carbon filament replicas, they're often used in places that need that touch of history -- museums, for instance, or restored historic homes. But they're also being used in a growing number of places like restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and theaters in order to, ironically, create a modern look while retaining the warmth and invitation of these very old-fashioned bulbs.

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