Fluorescent bulbs are one of the most widely used bulbs in business today. But with millions sold in the United States each year, this also means that millions are being disposed of, which makes it critical that we dispose of them properly.

Fluorescent disposal is important because fluorescent bulbs use mercury to produce their light. Mercury is considered highly toxic, and it's something we can't afford to have entering our water supply. So while different fluorescent bulbs use different amounts of mercury, all should be recycled rather than simply thrown into the garbage.

Luckily, fluorescent bulb recycling is simple for any business today. Not only are there many local recycling programs, but there are also options for businesses to keep recycling boxes (for fluorescent tubes) and pails (for compact fluorescent bulbs, or CFLs) on site. As bulbs go out, they're simply placed in these containers.

When the box or pail is full, it's simply closed and shipped out with its prepaid mailer. (The shipping label is paid for when buying the container.) FedEx picks it up and delivers it to a qualified recycling center.

While some people and businesses go out of their way to be green, we know that more people are likely to dispose of their bulbs properly when it's easy to do, which is why we're excited to provide this simple option to help keep our world a little cleaner! You can check out our recycling containers here … and of course call us if you need a hand.