Philips is one of the most trusted names in lighting, and they have brought their lighting expertise into the world of LED lighting to provide some of the highest quality LED bulbs and fixtures available. We carry scores of their LED products, and you can easily see all of our Philips LED products here.

Below, however, we've sorted their products into bulb and fixture types with brief descriptions and links to each.

Philips Warm Glow LEDs: before we describe all the shapes below, it's worth noting that Philips offer a "warm glow" technology in some of its LED bulbs. This is designed to more closely mimic the effect of an incandescent bulb, where the light begins with a 2700K color temperature (altready a warn looking color) but gets an even warmer look as it dims, just the way an incandescent bulb does (down to about 2200K). Look for the "warm glow" icon on certain Philips LEDs in our store, or look for the 2700K-2200K color temperature designation in the description.

Philips A-Shaped LEDs: these LEDs have the shape often associated with light bulbs and are used in common fixtures like table lamps, floor lamps, and close-to-ceiling fixtures. These lamps include a smaller A15 size as an "appliance bulb," but not for use in high temperatures like ovens; the standard A19 size; and the slightly larger A21 size for higher light (lumen) output.

Philips BR30 LEDS and Philips BR40 LEDs: these lamps are used in recessed lighting cans and are used for general lighting, spreading a wide, diffuse light across an area.

Philips PAR20 LEDs and Philips PAR30 LEDs and Philips PAR38 LEDs: these lamps provided more focused light within their stated beam angles and are not as diffuse as BR lamps. This makes them excellent for highlighting certain areas of a room or display.

Philips MR16 LEDs: these small lamps fit into track lighting and perform a similar function to PAR bulbs in the sense that they have focused light to help highlight certain areas. Frequently used in retail settings to provide lighting for products.

Philips LED Tubes: these are designed to replace linear fluorescent lamps or "tubes" while providing the benefits of LED technology like energy savings and longevity (and therefore maintenance savings). LED tubes also handle frequent on/off switching better than fluorescent lamps, making them a great partner with lighting controls like occupancy sensors.

Other Philips LED Products: the categories above are perhaps the most popular, but we also carry Philips LED fixtures (floodlights, canopy fixtures, etc.), decorative bulbs (for chandeliers, some porch lights, decorative table lamps, etc.) and even plug-in LEDs for commercial settings.

We welcome you to visit any of these categories to find the products you need, and of course to give us a call if you need answers and help placing your order. We also welcome you to visit our blog to browse our articles on a wide variety of lighting / LED topics.