LED technology has been busy transforming the lighting industry for the last few years, especially as prices for LED light bulbs plummet. With far longer lives than older light bulbs, they are not only less expensive for the bulbs themselves over time (since you would buy many of the old ones compared to just one LED), they also cut maintenance costs in business settings.

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So we thought we would take a moment in this article to focus not so much on the technology itself, but on the broad array of light bulbs LED can now replace. In other words, there are plenty of LED fixtures as well (floodlights, wallpacks, fluorescent panel replacements, etc.), but here are some of the bulbs (aka "lamps") that are now available with LED technology:

The number associated with most bulbs is its width in 1/8 inches. Learn more from our article, Learn How to Measure

A-Shaped Bulbs: these are the traditional shape associated with cartoon "ideas" and used in many tabletop lamp fixtures in people's homes. While the most popular size is an A19, there are also A15 appliance bulbs (smaller than A19s) and usually higher-powered A21 lamps (slightly larger than A19s). In addition to the common "medium" or "Edison" base, these also come with a twist-and-lock (GU24) base, popular in some applications like hotel guest rooms.

Reflector Bulbs: sometimes listed as an "R" bulb (like an R20 or R38) and commonly referred to as a BR (bulged reflector) bulb such as the popular BR30 and BR40 bulbs, these are used for general lighting in recessed cans.

PAR Bulbs: similar in shape to reflector bulbs, PAR bulbs provide more focused light rather than the general light of BR bulbs. They are better at highlighting specific areas or objects, and are also used more commonly in outdoor spotlights. (All outdoor lights should be "wet rated" or well protected from the elements.)

MR16 Bulbs: popular in track lighting, these bulbs are often used to highlight specific areas or objects, often in retail settings. MR16 LED options include push-in, twist-and-lock, and screw-in bases.

Tube Lighting: historically these were fluorescent lamps. And because fluorescent tubes have been affordable and efficient, it's taken longer for LEDs to become a popular replacement option. But now LED tubes are affordable and easy to swap into fluorescent fixtures. You can learn more from our article, Replacing T8 Fluorescent Tubes with T8 LED Tubes

Decorative Bulbs: we use this overall term to refer to bulbs you might find in a chandelier (generally bullet or flame shaped) or the spherical "globe" shaped bulbs you might find in bathrooms or hallways. These are all light bulbs available with LED technology today.

Other Types of Bulbs Now Available as LED Light Bulbs: LED has made it into virtually every style of light bulb now, so it includes many more than those mentioned. LED corn cobs are used to replace large and high-powered HID bulbs like metal halides. LEDs also come in bipin format, as sign or stringer bulbs, as elevator bulbs, and even as replacements for exit sign bulbs. Since some of these bulbs are used for long stretches every day (overnight or, in some cases, 24/7), making the switch to LED is a smart financial move, and the upgrade cost is typically paid off in under a year.

With nearly every passing day, price becomes less of an issue when it comes to swapping out old bulbs for LEDs. As prices fall and quality climbs (at least with known brands offering reliable warranties), the economics seem plain. And with quality color rendering, brightness, color temperature flexibility, and more ... why wouldn't you upgrade?

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