Exit signs and emergency lighting are critical details to any business or commercial setting. OSHA sets standards to ensure the safety of employees, and this includes standards for how we mark exits, making it easy for people to get out of a building without confusion. Our exit signs comply with OSHA's standards, though local governments (like New York City and Chicago) sometimes add their own regulations as well, so it is important to be aware of local ordinances before choosing a sign.

With the advent of LED lighting, a new generation of exit lighting has come along. While some signs still use incandescent or fluorescent lighting, LED gives you two new options in exit signs: replace low-efficiency bulbs with high-efficiency LED sign bulbs (some using less than one watt of energy); or choose an LED sign, where the lighting is built into the sign itself. Starter LED signs are surprisingly affordable.

Of course you have options when choosing your exit lighting. You can simply get your basic sign that designates an exit, or you can get a sign that includes built-in emergency lighting. Emergency lights will go on in the case of a power outage, running on batteries to help ensure that people can see inside the building while making their way outside.

Other options in emergency lights include remote capability (running additional lights from the base unit) and "wet location" ratings, which allow you to use the sign outside. This kind of rating is necessary if you plan to use an exit sign outdoors to keep it from quickly getting ruined and going bad. There are also many design styles to choose from.

Most exit signs – including those with emergency lights built in – run on both 120V and 277V so that they can adapt to the wiring within your building.

Whether you just need exit bulbs to light a current exit fixture, or you're interested in replacing current signs with more modern designs or something with more features, we have a good selection of signs and emergency lights for you to choose from. And, as always, our LS-1 certified service representatives are delighted to answer your questions and take your order over the phone if you prefer that over placing orders online.