A-Lamp LED

A-Shaped LED Light Bulbs

"A" shaped bulbs are the shape of bulb many of us picture when thinking about a light bulb. The most common version is an A19, which is 2 3/8" across, but A-shape bulbs can come in different styles. These include an A21 shape (2 5/8") bulbs as well as A23 (2 7/8") and smaller A15 (1 7/8") appliance bulbs.

All of these bulbs are available with LED technology, sorted into: A19 LEDs | A21 LEDs | A15 LEDs.
This technology offers substantial long term savings when compared to incandescent, halogen, and even CFL A-shape bulbs. LED operates at the lowest wattage for a given amount of light produced. It also lasts far longer, leading to fewer bulb purchases and lower maintenance costs in relamping. (Especially important in hard-to-reach areas.)

Besides that, LED technology gives you instant-on lighting, dimming in most cases (check the label), and a mercury-free lighting option. It also projects almost no heat into a room.

Most of our A-shape LEDs come with a medium base, allowing them to screw into standard fixtures, and they can be used in a variety of settings. You can also find some with candelabra (E12) bases or GU24 "twist and lock" bases for specific applications.