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U Bend Fluorescent Bulbs

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U-Bend Fluorescent Bulbs

Achieve energy efficacy in a beneficial design with U-bend fluorescent bulbs. A U-bend lamp is essentially a linear fluorescent tube that has been shaped into a U as a limited space lighting solution. This fluorescent offers plenty of options in terms of wattage, color temperature, leg spacing, and average life ratings. We stock T12 and T8 U-bend fluorescent lamps in color temperatures ranging from 3000 to 6500K.

Like other fluorescents, these uniquely shaped lamps have the power to reduce a company’s environmental impact. We carry U-bend lights featuring low mercury levels. With our greener options, businesses do not make concessions on output or quality. We offer bulbs for cost efficient commercial applications in our linear, u-bend, and specialty fluorescent selections.


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