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Information about LED Light Bulbs

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) is one of the most advanced technologies in lighting today. It operates without mercury, offers instant-on lighting, and provides a variety of color temperature options (how "warm" the light bulb looks -- more yellow or orange vs. blue or white). We even offer certain bulbs with "warm glow" technology, which gives an even warmer look when it is dimmed, mimicking the effect of an incandescent bulb.

LED lights also render colors very well. Traditionally, CRI has been used to measure how well a type of light renders colors, and incandescent / halogen bulbs generally had the best ratings. Only the best LED bulbs rate about as well. However, new standards are being considered because of how well LED lights render colors -- they just render them a little differently than other bulbs, and the older CRI measurement doesn't represent this fact very well.

Even so, LEDs still score well on the CRI scale, doing as well or better than many fluorescent lights.

One of the most important points regarding LED lighting, though, is its ability to produce a lot of light (lumens) with much less power (watts), saving you money on your energy bill. LEDs are also rated to last for years, outlasting other technologies like fluorescent and HID lamps. This means that, despite their higher up front costs, they may cost less than any other type of bulb when you factor in total lamp / bulb, maintenance, and energy costs. For instance, an LED corn cob bulb can replace a metal halide lamp and save perhaps 50 cents a day in just energy. In less than two years, it may have paid for itself, and then starts representing saved money for years to come after that. This doesn't even take into account the savings from replacing the bulb less often over those years.

LED lighting is also shock / vibration resistant and produces almost no UV emissions. Most LED lights are also dimmable, though you'll want to check a specific light's specifications to make sure it dims if this is a requirement. Many LEDs will also tell you what dimmers they're compatible with, as some dimmers may not work with all LEDs.

At Lighting Supply, we're working hard to be your leader in LED light supplies, providing quality brands at truly competitive prices and with our commitment to the best in customer service. Keep in mind that a quality brand in LED lighting can be important if you're looking for longevity and consistent color temperature. Unknown brands often fail to live up to their packaging, so in a business setting, it's a good idea to stick with brands and warranties that you can trust. That's why we make sure to keep quality LED brands in stock. And as always, when you order your LED light supplies from us by 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday, we'll ship them out that day.


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